Tamer Group

Business innovation drives cultural change in Saudi Arabia


Ayman M. Tamer, Chairman, Tamer Group, is dedicated to expanding the life sciences sector in Saudi Arabia and embracing new platforms and technologies to remain at the forefront of its development.

What began as the first pharmacy in the Arabian Peninsula in 1922 has now transformed into one of Saudi Arabia’s largest suppliers of pharmaceuticals and medical products. Under the keen eye of Ayman M. Tamer, the company has grown to support more than 4,000 employees. The entity is a frontrunner for Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiative that means to diversify the economy and promote private sector participation. “Vision 2030 is a blueprint to developing the community and allowing it to prosper,” Tamer said. “Everything we do, from society to economics and regulatory changes are all geared to having a brighter future.”

Transforming society through better health.

In 2021, the company passed a major milestone in expanding its footprint through the acquisition of Mumzworld, the leading vertical in the region for mother and child. The Dubai-based start-up reaches 2.5 million people in 20 countries and sells more than 250,000 stock keeping units. The move is the next phase of what Tamer has called Tamer Digital. Based on the latest acquisition, Tamer Group launched its e-pharma platform “Pharmaciaty” platform in December 2022 with the aim of solidifying its move towards business-to-consumer operations. “It was clear to us that today we need to reach the consumer in his home and B2B is not the endpoint,” Tamer said.

One of Tamer Group’s largest drivers is its hard focus on building a positive and sustainable company culture focused on ethically developing human capital. “If you don't build an environment that allows you to attract and retain talent, then you're not going to succeed with whatever skills you have,” said Tamer. The company employs a unique renumeration system that awards the promotion of talent and innovation. According to the CEO, only 25% of a manager’s value is based on their ability to grow sales, with the remaining 75% based on mentorship and increasing Tamer Group’s intrinsic value. “Our people are informed about their performance, and we give tailor-made training programs. We consider our employees career path,” he said. “We listen to our people and that's what differentiates us from other companies.” Diversity in the workplace is also a personal goal for Tamer, with 25% of new jobs at the company awarded to women in 2021 and plans to ramp up this figure in years to come.

“With technology, the evolution of healthcare is going to accelerate towards precision medicine; you're going to have a lot more results-driven healthcare.”

Another key focus for the company is its commitment to lowering its carbon intensity and protecting the environment. Into 2023, Tamer Group is spearheading a three-year journey to fully adopt sustainable energy investment metrics approved during the World Economic Forum, with 45% of the applicable metrics expected to be adopted in the same year and 75% by the end of the next. “By 2024 we will know our exact footprint and work towards reducing it more and more over time,” Tamer said. The company leader is exuberant about taking swift measures: “The day they give me electric cars, I will be the first to adopt them, for sure.”

As Tamer Group moves into the future, it continues to embrace transformation. The company will begin producing sterilized surgical procedure trays in Jeddah in 2024 through a joint venture with Swedish medical products entity Mölnlycke. Additionally, it intends to diversify its product range towards food and beverage and female products while following new technological trends in medicine. “Technology driven medicine, is going to be a huge opportunity, and biologics will play a huge role,” said Tamer.