Go Energy Group

Forward moving with a green heart


Curro Nicolau, Chairman, Go Energy Group, talks about his lengthy career promoting renewables and cutting-edge sustainable technologies and his company’s current efforts to bring green change to Saudi Arabia and the world.

As Saudi Arabia hits the green revolution with a bang, experienced frontrunners from around the world are lending their strength to position the nation as a leader in the energy transition. Green investment vehicle Go Energy Group has been active in pushing renewables and hydrogen fuel around the world for the last two decades and joined the Saudi Arabian market five years ago as one of the first on the scene. The company provides investment and consultation to the private sector through its global partners – with particular expertise in photovoltaic technologies and project management – and is currently targeting construction of large renewable energy developments with capacities no smaller than 5 GW. In Saudi Arabia, the company aims to build around 300 MW of solar capacity in the next three years alongside our partner ThreeEightSix. “Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of developing renewable energy projects and contributing to a model society set on transforming industry to protect the planet,” said Curro Nicolau, chairman of Go Energy Group. “This revolution began a few years ago, and we are anxious to see the size and scope of its development.”

Your partner in solar energy projects

The energy project developer brings with it a wealth of experience. Go Energy Group has had its hands in many global milestones through its various special purpose vehicles, including the first wind farm in Uruguay, the highest-altitude photovoltaic plant in the world in Bolivia and one of the first 6-MW solar parks in Riyadh. The entity is currently promoting a plethora of global solar projects, including 3.1 GW in the UAE, 550 MW in Eastern Europe and more than 1 GW in Indonesia, Oman, USA and Spain alongside engineering giants Engie and Siemens Energy. The company also works with Spanish specialist companies, including construction entity Elecnor, electricity utility Iberdrola and engineering leaders Técnicas Reunidas, Isastur Servicios, and Saceem. “In Spain we are pioneers in renewable energy and have been able to export a lot of knowledge about green technology to other countries,” said Nicolau. The investment vehicle also works alongside international energy players of all creeds, including German wind turbine manufacturer Nordex and Transatlantic Power Holdings in the USA.

"We are not a common developer as we have extensive experience in the design of photovoltaic and green hydrogen installations together with the most relevant technological partners."

Go Energy Group is not looking to stop at solar energy. “Although we are focused on the renewable energy sector, we want to explore business areas that serve our core business,” said Nicolau. One of its main segments outside of photovoltaic technologies is building up global hydrogen capacity, with an eye on Saudi Arabia as projects such as the $8.5-billion NEOM hydrogen plant come to fruition.

The company has begun its hydrogen expansion in Spain’s Balearic Islands, with assets on both Menorca and Mallorca. “We are very focused on this new energy revolution,” said Nicolau. “We want to lead a change in the use of green hydrogen in the private aviation and maritime sectors.” Another avenue the company is pursuing is using fintech to connect shareholders and widen participation in global green projects through a unique application, with initial investments as low as $100. Go Energy Group is currently working with Italian technology entity Omicron to build up its blockchain technology under its Go Energy App entity, currently based in Dubai, Milan and New York. It is also pursuing design, architecture and urban planning projects using sustainable methods to cut down on civil carbon emissions. “I have always been inspired by the desire to offer innovation, change society and improve our planet,” said Nicolau.